Finally a new game…. Beam Rider Retro… Android this week!!!

A classic spin on a new idea. Beam Rider Retro is an infinite runner similar to Despicable Me – Minion Rush or Temple Run except that the player has more control because they are moving inside of a tube. The games graphics are inspired by old Vector based arcade games of the 1980′s such as [...]

Pop Panic now available for iOS devices

Works for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Download it and please give it a good review

Pop Panic is now available for Android!

Buy the full version for $1.99 or play the free 1 minute demo. We will be adding the HD versions later today with improved shaders but more limited handset support

Pop Panic Main Menu

Pop Panic Facebook has been updated

Several bug fixes and some art love. So head on over to facebook and check it out. Also don’t forget to “like” it and give it a review too. Also we are mere days away from releasing Pop Panic on Android compatible phones. We are just working out the final Facebook integration issues. Stay tuned

Pop Panic is now live on Facebook.

The new build of Pop Panic is up and working on Facebook. We have a few things to iron out before we post it to the app directory but you are free to play it. Click the link on the right hand side. or follow this post. Don’t forget to like it. Few remaining [...]

Pop Panic Demo has been updated now version 1.21

I fixed a few bugs with….  Wait…  I disabled a few “undocumented features” with the demo build.  I also changed some of the power up logic for the demo.   Some of the power ups were not showing up because of the duration of the game time.  It was something I over looked whilte doing the [...]

Pop Panic Demo is available

Head over to the games section and check it out It is a 1 minute version of the Classic mode.  All the online High Scoring are in and working.


Pop Panic page was added

Head over to the games section to check it out.  I will update the screen shots a little later

Welcome to the new Fat Puggle Games official website!

The website was just added.  Please be patient while I fiddle with the themes and what not