About Us

Fat Puggle Games LLC is a game studio that is dedicated to delivering high quality 3D casual games to the masses.  The company was founded after a small exercises to make a physics simulation turned into a fun concept for a game.  The founder is a game industry veteran with over 10 years of Console and PC video game development  experience.  With the power of Unity 3d and a partnership with ProficioSoft LLC, Fat Puggle Games is poised to make a big impact in the casual game space.

Our current technology allows us to publish and develop our games platform, and currently we support: Web, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.  This also allows us to keep the experience very close on each platform even allowing for unified high scoring.


If you have a Unity 3d based game you would like to publish through us, would be interested in licensing ProficioSoft LLC VM Hosting, or the ProficioSoft LLC Unified Online High Scoring software please contact our sales group.